The search for a new tank begins!

This week looks very promising in acquiring a new tank! I’m not sure if it’s going to be a 90 Gal, 100 Gal, or 100+ Gal, glass or acrylic. I have been trolling local forums and craigslist!

JBJ Arctica Chiller 1/5HP

JBJ Arctica Chiller 1/5HP Purchased a used chiller for the tank. It has been a warm summer here in Seattle and the tank will consistently be over 81 degrees, sometimes as high as 85 degrees! Needless to say once the chiller was up and running, it was working overtime…! Specifications Advance Features: Titanium Heat Exhanger: Unique titanium …

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I am making a quick update to let you know I may be signing off for a little bit. My wife is expecting our new baby boy within the next few days, so I may be a little busy 😉 Tank is doing real well!

Rose Bubble Anemones Sold

Two of the rose bubble anemones were sold today, and look to be going into great new homes. The new owners seam to be experienced hobbyists so the anemones should do well!

Barrier Reef Aquariums 2012 Customer Appreciation Sale

Barrier Reef Aquariums is holing their 2012 Customer Appreciation Sale this weekend! I have scheduled an appointment for 2pm today. Will post what goodies I purchased. Conducted a routine water change, cleaned filters, and skimmer this morning. I also made the discovery that my anemone split AGAIN! This time only spawning a medium sized baby. …

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News…is no news.

Well, as the title states. No news is the news for today. I’m due for a water change, but need to restock on RO water, so it’ll probably happen in the next couple of days. The baby anemone are doing real well. They are plump and growing/healing well. Water quality still remains excellent.