4 Rose Bubble Tip Anemones For Sale!


I have 4 Rose Bubble Tip Anemones for sale!
The 4 are about the same size 7-8 inches across in a regular consistent basis
Size estimates are conservative. I would rather be smaller in estimate, as to not disappoint!
They eat anything and everything within reach, I purposefully feed them once a week.
The mother split over a year ago, so the babies are over a year old.
The mother is NOT for sale!

Because the anemones are rather large and have not moved in over a year, they are well entrenched into the rocks…and I have a rather possessive/protective gold bar maroon clown that will probably go berserk when I remove them. I have never had a problem removing anemones, but it does require me to break down my rock scape. Hence, ideally I would like for these anemones to be picked up the same day. I will take buys in the order they commit, and I will coordinate a same day pickup. This also ensures their health and quality of life is maintained.

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