September 2011 archive

Closed Loop Installed

Today I completed the making of the closed loop. Fed by a mag 9.5 @ ~900 gph it has increased circulation significantly! I swapped out the sump return pump from a Rio 3100 to a Rio 2500 giving about ~700 gph for the return. Together, the close loop and return pump, total about 1300 gph! …

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Welcome our new head fishy!

Mr. Powder Brown Tang… no official name yet, so we’ll have to go with his “known” name ūüėČ Purchased 10/29/11 at about 4 inches! Stong, healthy, and plump! At first introduction Dory and Mr. Clown raced over to inspect the new individual. I was anticipating a nip from Dory, but immediately and surprisingly, Dory displayed …

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Status Update…

We got a new fishy! A BIG Powder Brown Tang! I also did some routine maintenance, water change, cleaned out the phosban reactor. I also made a trip to the local home depot and purchased the plumbing for a close loop! Stay tuned for more details and pics of our new fishy!

40 Gallon Tank Page

I added our new 40 gallon tank page! Details about the setup, plans, and status. Read More!

Tank Build

Well, we finally arrived in Seattle, we¬†finally¬†got settled in and have internet to post! I’ve actually been hesitant to post because I don’t have good news to report ūüôĀ On our last night in San Francisco, after I got all the livestock into the three buckets, I quickly realized how much the battery¬†aerators¬†are really needed! …

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