August 2011 archive

Tank Breakdown…

It took just over 4 hours to complete! But the tank is completely broken down. Sigh. Lots of work! Sheeesh…. even though this is only a 28 gallon tank! LOL Here are some pics of the three buckets of inhabitants…. The top left one is mainly just coral and live rock. The top right has …

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Tank Pages

I finally posted my tank bio pages. I may add more to it in the future if I forgot to add something. But I think I got a good history to show. Enjoy the story!

Fish Day

Today I didn’t do much in terms of tank maintenance. Didn’t do a water change…But did clean out all the filters, and refilled the auto top off (ato) container with kalkwasser and RO/DI water. I tried to get the calcium reactor starting again but the check valve for the CO2 into the bubble counter is …

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Tank Stats

Posted update tank stats.

Fish Day!

Fridays have been my designated “fish day” for quite some time now. I do any “fish stuff”, weather that be maintenance, tank cleaning, pump cleaning, filter cleaning, sand vacuuming, water changes, add/remove equipment, ect. Well another fish day is coming to an end. Today I pruned back bryopsis, rearranged coral, vacuumed sand bed in the …

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Tank Stats!

I have just completed setting up the tank stats database. I’ll be able to post tank parameters quickly and maintain an archive. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, and finally have 🙂 When I enter new stats I’ll make a new post to let people know. Note – the stats that are posted …

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