Gold Bar Maroon Clown For Sale!

Gold Bar Maroon ClownGold Bar Maroon Clown for sale! I’ve had her for over 2 years and during that time she’s hosted a Rose Bubble Tip, Long Tentacle, and Ritteri Anemones. Excellent condition! She is about 2.5″ in size. She’s yours for $30…! I’m located in Issaquah. More info and pics can be found at: …

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4 Rose Bubble Tip Anemones For Sale!

I have 4 Rose Bubble Tip Anemones for sale! The 4 are about the same size 7-8 inches across in a regular consistent basis Size estimates are conservative. I would rather be smaller in estimate, as to not disappoint! They eat anything and everything within reach, I purposefully feed them once a week. The mother …

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40 Gal Fish Tank & Stand for sale!

40 Gallon Fish Tank and Stand are available for pickup! 36″L x 18″D x 16″T I am the first owner. Tank and stand sold only. The tank has been cleaned out. The overflow box and return lines are available if you want them. More Info SOLD!

Barrier Reef Aquarium’s 6th Annual Anniversary Sale!

Barrier Reef Aquarium’s 6th Annual Anniversary Sale! Saturday November 10th 9am – 6pm Sunday November 11th 11am – 5pm We plan on loading up our new tank with a lot of new corals! Stay tuned for more info!

Powder Blue Tang for sale!

We have finally decided to put Baby Blue up for sale today. It was a VERY tough decision to part with him, but he has been rough with the other tangs in the tank. Three times now I have had to separate him for 48 hours in a bucket time out to settle him down. …

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New 120 Gal Tank!

I have just made the moves on a new 120 Gal aquarium! You can read about the adventure on the new 120 Gal Tank Page! If you have been visiting the O’Neil Reef for long you may have noticed that I have had a link under my tank section of the website for a long …

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